Billionaire Token ($XBL) Listing
November 26, 2017
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November 26, 2017 12:00 AM UTC

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updated 2 months ago
0.00000735 BTC
$.04085713 USD

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BTC: 1B28hvV9VoBpsucfL1LUXAbwbRB86ErQmo

ETH: 0x0390Ed2ba7344793DE8d2b04666750546a294De0


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Billionare Token (XBL) will be listed on

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November 26, 2017


June 1, 2018

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We are glad to report that the EOS main net is running smoothly so far. Transactions are indeed lightning fast.
6 months ago
Airdrop Details: Upon migration to the #EOSio blockchain - 1. The supply of Billionaire Tokens will be increased by…
7 months ago
It's still just an idea, but we are seriously thinking of airdropping a share of Billionaire Tokens to all the $EOS…
8 months ago
The Billionaire Token team has been hard at work bringing you the best possible Decentralized gambling games. We wi…
8 months ago
We have decided to delay our EOS coin swap until further notice. We are waiting on exchanges to look into the possi…
8 months ago
Unrelated to our project, but we thought it was interesting to share: This proves the resil…
9 months ago
We still need to figure out the best time for the Coin Swap, there is still the matter of exchanges supporting our…
9 months ago
The Billionaire Token EOS coin swap will be done automatically by Smart Contracts. The only requirements are an exi…
9 months ago
48 days left until the #EOSio main net launch. Billionaire Token will have a coin swap shortly after. The tokens th…
9 months ago
As promised, a sneak preview of our new #Raffle & #Burner page, the final version may look very different. This is…
9 months ago
We shall release a teaser graphic for our new #Raffle and #Burner interface soon, so you can get an idea how our…
10 months ago
Adoption will be critical to having #EOS reach market dominance.
11 months ago
I am sharing this because we do not believe that @CryptoBridge should be throwing the blame on coin devs, and makin…
11 months ago
(3/3) It is of course, obvious that Billionaire Token will not proceed to go ahead with listing on their exchange.…
11 months ago
(2/3) If users withdraw these extra fake coins they will eventually end up emptying the exchange hot wallets. Every…
11 months ago
(1/3) UPDATE: Our scheduled #exchange was supposed to be @CryptoBridge. However, It has come tot our attention that…
11 months ago
Our #FAQ page has been updated. We've covered the very frequently asked question about the move to the #EOS…
11 months ago
As of December 2017, #Everipedia is the biggest English-language encyclopedia. They have announced their plans to m…
one year ago