Polymath Network
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What is Polymath Network (POLY)

The polymath ecosystem is used to create tokens which represent funds, equities, real estate and other real world assets. Well known cryptocurrency expert Andreas Antonopoulos predicted an “infrastructure inversion”, where everyone will start using the blockchain because of the security it provides. Polymath is a step in that direction. It is the blockchain analogue of IPOs. Tokenizing securities makes it programmable. It is 24/7 and has 100% uptime. There are no middle men. All one has to have is a working internet connection to trade tokens. It can also be used to raise funds for a new project in the form of ICOs. The company behind Polymath hopes to make the scene more regulated by using KYC. It is an ERC 20 token so it can be stored on most hardware wallets.

Polymath Network Upcoming Events & Alerts

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May 30, 2019

AMA with Co-Founder May 30, 2019

August 1, 2018

First Security Token August 2018

June 14, 2018

Listing on Ethfinex June 14, 2018

May 3, 2018

Polymath (POLY) - Ethereum Development Conference May 3, 2018
Polymath (POLY) - Ethereum Development Conference May 3, 2018

April 20, 2018

Polymath (POLY) - ICO 2.0 Summit April 20, 2018

February 28, 2018

Polymath Network (POLY) POLYCON18 February 28, 2018
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