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February 28, 2018

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Address Format Update February 28, 2018

March 31, 2018

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Future Development March 31, 2018
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Bech32 Address Generation March 31, 2018
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Design & Rebranding March 31, 2018
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Electrum Wallet March 31, 2018
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Edward in action at the CaseIt Event. Expanding students and industry thinking about the impact of crypto and bloc…
5 days ago
Believe in your ideas #CaseIT #Pivot2018 #BTG #1CPU1Vote #BItcoinGold
6 days ago
If you haven't heard already we are here to tell you Bitcoin Gold is now a Proud Sponsor of CaseIT 2018 👉…
7 days ago
We are proud to be an official sponsor for CaseIT 2018! The FUTURE of CRYPTO, The FUTURE of our GLOBAL ECONOMIES,…
8 days ago
BTG monthly trade volume across exchanges at $7.5 Billion 👌 #1cpu1vote #btg #bitcoingold #cryptocurrencies #cryptotrading
10 days ago
Maybe they were mining #BitcoinGold #1CPU1Vote #Mine4Life #BTG
11 days ago
New version of Exodus wallet allows BTG Private Key sweeps. 👌 Make sure to upgrade yours.
15 days ago
We've UPDATED OUR LOGO to a shiny new one with a sharp new look and perky colors. We'll start using the new logo ev…
25 days ago
On Friday, we’re updating our logo to some spiffy new artwork. Thought you all should know in advance. Partners and…
27 days ago
Great news! Now you can trade up to 20x leverage Bitcoin Gold Futures @OKEx_. Click here for more details:…
27 days ago
Did you know BitGo fully supports multisig BTG wallets and BTG SegWit addresses? BitGo is doing it right! SegWit wo…
27 days ago
Bitcoin Gold fees are as low as fees can go! Check out this $2000 USD value transaction in @exodus_io Wallet. #BTG…
one month ago
Finally, OKEx has opened Bitcoin Gold withdrawals. Stay tuned for more updates.
one month ago
Exodus wallet now comes with a gold lining. (Bitcoin Gold, that is!) 😀
one month ago
What makes the best-looking wallet look even better? Adding support for Bitcoin Gold! Lookin' good, Exodus. 😀…
one month ago
Hyundai Pay announced they're adding Bitcoin Gold support to their hardware wallet and platform this month. 😀…
one month ago
Did you know that ShapeShift supports Bitcoin Gold? 👉 #1CPU1VOTE #BTG #BITCOINGOLD
one month ago
We're pleased to share our strategic Roadmap for 2018. It provides timelines for most of the things people ask us…
one month ago
Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a large scale DDoS attack on our website. The blockchain is unaf…
one month ago
one month ago
SAFETY REMINDER How to stay safe from phishers. * Always check the URL: 🔒 * Do not trust m…
one month ago