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What is BlackCoin (BLK)

Blackcoin is an eco-friendly coin because it uses no mining hardware. It uses proof of stake where holders of the currency get a 1to 8% interest per year. The wallet is open source, that is, anyone can look at its source code. The transactions get confirmed quickly. Its privacy features are similar to that of Bitcoin – though there is no personal information in a transaction, the ledger is public and multiple transactions can be linked together. It is supported on 7 platforms and is accepted by many merchants. It also has second layer support like colored coins.

BlackCoin Upcoming Events & Alerts

There are no events here yet, please check back later.

December 14, 2018

Initial Burn Offering December 14, 2018

August 22, 2018

Blackcoin Lecture SF August 22, 2018
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Details Date
Making a few changes on the website before the official launch. #CryptoLove
9 months ago
The presale is just around the corner.
9 months ago
Team and community pow-wow happening this week on Gitter. New faces, new places, and new goals.#blackcoin
11 months ago
News consolidation as well as information on new projects as well as developments will happen this week. There is a…
11 months ago
Blackcoin has moved to a new ANN page on Bitcointalk. Be apart of the conversation! #blackcoin #bpos
one year ago
#Blackcoin core version 1.2.5 now released.
one year ago
Janko releases Blackcoin-Lore "Melinda" update! - Drivechain Support - Support for colored coins - 0 Confirmati…
one year ago