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Kryptocal lets you know when your favorite cryptocurrencies and tokens will be listed on various exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are digital marketplaces where cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders can buy or sell their assets, trading with diverse fiat currencies or other alternative currencies. Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms which act as the middlemen between those willing to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies assets.

Kryptocal promotes the best exchanges online and informs you on activities on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

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October 1, 2018

DEX Launch 4th Quarter 2018
DEX Launch 4th Quarter 2018
DEX Launch 4th Quarter 2018
DEX Launch 4th Quarter 2018
Listing on Coinbase 4th Quarter 2018
Publicize Global Exchange 4th Quarter 2018
Decentralized Exchange Launch 4th Quarter 2018
Launch of Exchange 4th Quarter 2018
BETA Bidding Platform 4th Quarter 2018
Exchange Prospecting 4th Quarter 2018

October 31, 2018

DEX Trading October 31, 2018
BINANCE COIN ($BNB) COIN BURN October 31, 2018